[llvmlinux] "make test" for x86_64 target just hung there, why?

Sedat Dilek sedat.dilek at gmail.com
Sat Sep 12 14:36:05 UTC 2015

I tried with the attached patch on top of Linux v4.2 + llvmlinux
patchset, but this seems not to disable "inline optimization".

Re-compiling lib/bitmap with gcc v4.9 let's my kernel boot.

Maybe pipacs is right when he says it might be a

For AMD64 and GCC...

CONFIG_ARCH_HWEIGHT_CFLAGS="-fcall-saved-rdi -fcall-saved-rsi
-fcall-saved-rdx -fcall-saved-rcx -fcall-saved-r8 -fcall-saved-r9
-fcall-saved-r10 -fcall-saved-r11"

FYI: This is not used with LLVMLinux.

Empty head,
- Sedat -
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