[llvmlinux] LLVMLinux Meeting minutes from 2016-04-13

Behan Webster behanw at converseincode.com
Sun Apr 17 19:24:01 UTC 2016

LLVMLinux Project: http://llvm.linuxfoundation.org/ <http://llvm.linuxfoundation.org/>
This time the meeting was on Thursday, Apr 14 2016 on Google Plus Hangout at 18:00 UTC.

Agenda for this week:

(45 mins) General meeting discussions:
Overall Status
Not much has happened for the last year to other commitments
New interest for clang compiled kernels from a number of people including Linaro
Bero rebased all existing patches for the hikey board
CI builds
A number of people want to be able to regularly run CI builds against clang
However, this requires a number of our left over patches to be upstreamed 
Kernel-ci is interested in running clang builds
Google doing buildbots for Android/LLVM
Should the project move from buildbot to jenkins for our own CI builds? Jan-Simon will investigate this
Kernel trees
Moving forward patches should be posted to the llvmlinux mailing list
We should set up a patchwork (as suggested by Sedat)
We’re at a point where the llvmlinux build system probably isn’t required anymore other than perhaps for CI builds. (most changes are in clang now, and we’re only really just building the kernel these days)
People working on arch dependent patches should upstream through the normal maintainers
Any patches to core code/infrastructure can go through the existing llvmlinux repo
We’ll concentrate on rebasing Bero’s work as well as looking at what other patches are still required.
Getting the tree back into linux-next is the first order of business after that
http://himvis.com/clang-based-cross-sdk-with-openembedded-framework/ <http://himvis.com/clang-based-cross-sdk-with-openembedded-framework/>
http://himvis.com/using-clang-with-openembeddedyocto-project/ <http://himvis.com/using-clang-with-openembeddedyocto-project/>
https://kernelci.org/ <https://kernelci.org/>
https://github.com/kraj/meta-clang/tree/master/recipes-devtools/clang/clang <https://github.com/kraj/meta-clang/tree/master/recipes-devtools/clang/clang>
http://patchwork.ozlabs.org <http://patchwork.ozlabs.org/>
Lots of people asking at conferenes about status of LLVMLinux
Bug tracker
Mcount for arm and aarch64
Renato says these should be fixed upstream now
We should have a patchwork added to the llvmlinux mailinglist
Docker images:
Bero has a docker image to build hikey 
docker run -ti bero/hikey-kernel-clang
Vinicius also has a docker image for our existing build system
builds are all green
We have a Jenkins instance in the LF cloud now https://jenkins.llvm.linuxfoundation.org/ <https://jenkins.llvm.linuxfoundation.org/>
We need to add recipes to build the kernel in OE (meta-llvmlinux perhaps to be merged into meta-clang eventually)
Meta-clang already builds most/all of OE with clang (except the kernel)
LLVM required in meta-oe for llvmpipe graphics pipeline
Khem wants to post clang based OE build SDKs for others to use for cross builds
Maybe as a docker image for cross building?
New wordpress based website
We have a Wordpress instance in the LF cloud now http://llvm-wp-new.linuxfound.info/ <http://llvm-wp-new.linuxfound.info/>
Still needs to be updated with relevant info
Daniel has been working on getting IA working for MIPS upstream
Works for MIPS, more work needed on MIPS64
IA needs to be investiated for X86/X86_64
We should investigate whether AARCH64 inline ASM uses UAL which would allow us to use the Integrated-Assembler
1 proposal and 1 student interested
Waiting for available slot
Clang static analyser
(5 mins) Each meeting attendee listed the top 2 items to be worked on for the next 2 weeks
Rebuild LLVMlinux git tree
Working on clang based hikey tree
Rebase patches
Getting MIPS working again
Making IA works for MIPS/MIPS64
Upstreaming MIPS patches
Rebuilding x86 patch set
Vinícius Tinti
pulling thing from the wiki to wordpress
Working on clang sdk from meta-clang
Work on clang builds for OE
Work on clang kernel for Versatile kernel
Dragon 410c clang kernel 
Next meeting in roughly 4 weeks. doodle poll to follow.

Behan Webster
behanw at converseincode.com

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