[llvmlinux] GSoC Week 12

Andrew Wells andrewmw94 at gmail.com
Thu Aug 11 00:14:17 UTC 2016

Sorry about the lapse in updates.  I've been busy moving to grad school and
trying to finish up a paper before classes start.  Here's what's happened
in the meantime:

Upstreaming patches to llvm/clang:
Patches to current checkers to make them more compatible with the linux
kernel are under review now.  Thanks to all of the helpful people working
on the clang static analyzer project for helping with this.

RCU checker:
The RCU checker is under development.  I still need to make a test suite
before it can be up-streamed to llvm.

Wrapping up:
In addition to getting started up-streaming the RCU checker, there are some
other lose ends that should be tied up.  First, I'll be leaving the
repositories I have on github up in case either the llvm/clang project or
the linux kernel break compatibility in the future.  Currently, they
checker seems to work remarkably well with the kernel and we don't want to
lose this.  Related to that, I will be testing on Ubuntu (currently I use
fedora) to make sure the projects are compatible on several platforms.
I'll write up the latest instructions for running the checker with the
kernel.  With those, hopefully we can update the checker page to use the
latest version of the checker.
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