[llvmlinux] Small patch for objtool to compile with clang

Lukas Bulwahn lukas.bulwahn at gmail.com
Thu Dec 21 19:43:59 UTC 2017


I am compiling the linux kernel with clang and building upon all your work 
that has already been merged upstream. My ultimate goal is to be able to 
run Facebook's static analysis tool Infer (http://fbinfer.com) on the 
complete kernel source code and identify potential issues in the kernel 
source code. That goal is quite ambitious, so I will see how far I will
get and I will just start addressing the issues that I encounter and 
provide the patches upstream (to lkml and the infer development team), so 
that the next person trying to do that is in a bit better position to 
achieve the goal than I will be.

Starting this activity, I tried to compile the most recent Linux kernel, 
i.e., very current tags of linux-next, e.g., next-20171220, in a Docker 
container that only contained clang-5.0, but not gcc. During the build, 
clang complains once in the the build of the kernel tool objtool; so I 
quickly created a patch to repair that issue.

You can find the patch here:


If you could test and confirm that this patch in fact solves an issue with 
compiling the kernel with clang, it will certainly help to get this patch 
accepted upstream and included in mainline quickly.

Thanks for your work to get clang and the kernel ready for my goal.

Best regards,


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