[llvmlinux] Kernel clang patches rebased to master

Andrej Rode mail at andrejro.de
Mon Feb 27 08:54:05 UTC 2017


this is a reply to [0]. Unfortunaly I wasn't subscribed at that time and
can't reply properly. I rebased the patchset onto 4.10.0 but
unfortunately I'm not able to boot the clang compiled kernel (though it compiles).
Same config (and patches) with a gcc compiled kernel works. 

I'm trying to setup a musl/clang based system for educational purposes
and everything but the kernel is done by now.
Did you have more success with booting a clang-based kernel (based on


[0] https://lists.linuxfoundation.org/pipermail/llvmlinux/2017-February/001499.html
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