Initial LSB activities

Jakob 'sparky' Kaivo jake at
Tue Aug 25 21:51:58 PDT 1998

On 25 Aug 1998, Daniel Quinlan wrote:

> 2. Test Suite
> More than one or two people should begin active work on existing Unix
> test suites.  We should at least find out where we stand with respect
> to POSIX, for example.  Initially, this will be just for our own
> information, but stands a reasonable chance of becoming part of our
> own testing.
> We also need to determine if there are license problems with either
> NIST and TOG's POSIX test suites.  If there are, we need to decide
> what we could use, and what we want to use.

In conjunction with looking into UNIX 98, I will check with TOG about

> 3. Written Standard
> Start document framework, continue Alan's work on the library
> reference, help the test suite group with the POSIX.1 testing, start
> thinking about what pre-existing standards should be referenced (ties
> into the initial test suite work).

I'm working on weeding through glibc to check for the missing bits. I'll
do my best to find the most applicable cross references.

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