Written Standard

Stuart Anderson anderson at metrolink.com
Wed Aug 26 07:10:34 PDT 1998

> > 3. Written Standard
> > 
> > Start document framework, continue Alan's work on the library
> > reference, help the test suite group with the POSIX.1 testing, start
> > thinking about what pre-existing standards should be referenced (ties
> > into the initial test suite work).
> I'm working on weeding through glibc to check for the missing bits. I'll
> do my best to find the most applicable cross references.

I've got a database setup with all of the functions in it. I'm using
the database to try and produce cross-reference sort of stuff and to dump
out the tables of functions that go into the spec. Part of the reference
headers is also coming out of this DB.

I'd like to get a non-html copy of the list Alan put together so I can feed
it into the database to update what I've go so far. If you want to see the
list from the DB, go to http://std.sc.metrolink.com/cgi-bin/listinterfaces .

We already have 3 seperate lists produced so far. Let's try to coordinate
further work in the lsb-spec list.


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