Should binary-only SW be written against glibc ?

Davide Bolcioni davide.bolcioni at
Fri Aug 28 06:26:07 PDT 1998

Hi everybody,
  first linux list with no new messages for one day, so I thought I'd
submit one. I am not an active Linux developer, but have been observing
for some time (administering part time also). The question is in the
subject: maybe developers wishing to distribute binary-only applications
should be encouraged to write against a library whose evolution is not
as fast as the evolution of glibc.
  As a consequence, glibc could be updated when necessary (I do not mean
bug fixes, but changes which require recompilation) with changes
unhindered (to some extent) by compatibility with existing binaries.
  The same argument may be extended to most public domain libraries, but
it occurred to me for glibc because of its pervasiveness. 

Best Regards
Davide Bolcioni
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