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I'm no authority, but I'm trying to compile a list of stuff *I'd* like
to see in such a project. I was planning on posting it (or a link to it)
here, because I know there are several people interested in such an
endeavor. Someone suggested, such a project (I've was calling it GUISE,
but now I've started calling it DESC [Desktop Environment Services
Compatibility] Project, but who really cares what it's really called) would
need to be headed by those who have experience in implementations (such
as GNOME and KDE developers). I agree, but I'd also say it needs to be
50/50 (at least) with application developers, because those are the folks
the project would be aimed at. The app developers would know what they *want*,
the GUI developers would know how to bring it to them. Anyways, someday 
maybe I'll post my ideas ;-)

I was deep in meditation when Robert Current awoke me by saying:
> About a seperate standard orginization for GUI (X), any word?
> Who's been contacted, and by who, and what have they had to say?
> "GNOME Window Manager Compliance Spec" on SlashDot has launched another
> KDE vs. GNOME flame war.  And it seems that they are moving farther away
> from common ground now, creating "standards" on thier own without a
> round table discussion with members from other camps.
> I'd be interested to hear what progress has been made on bring them
> together, rather than the "flame bait" on slashdot.
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