The Future of Linux: 'real' Locale support from X libs or no?

Christopher Hassell chris at XiG.COM
Wed Nov 11 19:28:46 PST 1998

You can guess what I'll say I suppose?

Glibc is good, but what about wide char, unicode etc.. etc.. etc.. ad biggum.

X is the main site where that is being taken care of (i.e. fonts, keymaps,
input managers for asia etc..).. and that is not now standard in any great 
and good way, very annoyingly.  Locale stuff that Libc *can* handle is looking
better, but X goes to the ends of the earth.  (Heck China defined "UNIX" as its
"standard".. even though some CEOs right after that claimed to rule far more 
than 5% of the earth's users).

We're already adding in libraries and code to handle it in libs (Motif etc..)
but this is mostly broken and we know it.  I'm not the main developer of 
this but I'm watching LSB and we'd love to find a standard we can build 
toward.  Is there any interest in what we have thus far at Xi?

We (I, at least) may even want to develop the widespread 'free' one that 
ought to exist.  China, Japan and other non-West folks should get more than a
hack for their buck... if they want to do word processing and more under X.

Are there any concerns or opinions toward the non-ASCII universii?
	-- Christopher Hassell
	   Xi Graphics Inc.

(hint to some: code pages work only for vts)

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