DAMN the reply button

H. Peter Anvin hpa at transmeta.com
Sat Nov 14 15:25:11 PST 1998

> We still use the MAC address (mostly because it's the only numbered  
> component we *know* will be present), but it's definitely forgeable. It's  
> just that our usual customer wouldn't know how to do it. (Plus, I'm not  
> sure they'd even want to, in significant numbers. They might want more  
> client licenses, but that would need breaking MD5, or else tracing our  
> server through a pretty long code path, and I think we can safely assume  
> that the number of customers willing to go that far is very small - the  
> product doesn't cost enough to warrant this.)

Yes, you'll find that most corporate customers won't be willing to
break *anything* except in case of emergency (server died and we need
the new one up *NOW*) because doing so would be _prima_facia_ evidence
of piracy.


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