The Future of Linux: 'real' Locale support from X libs or no?

Christopher Hassell chris at XiG.COM
Tue Nov 17 10:31:47 PST 1998

Okay, I just got a bit more info from our main locale-issues developer 
(Jon Trulson):

   The multi-byte functions *are* there in glibc.  He knows they are there.
   They just are not reliable enough, powerful enough, to stick with in our 
   new products.  (i.e. setlocale() doesn't apparently do all that's needed).

   All he wants is *those* (the ideal is UnixWare) and everything else 
   (related to catgets for example) he's willing to handle internally.

   I'll try to get more specifics nailed down and then take discussion to 
   another list if anything is left to discuss.

I suppose after this is solved, the questions become these:

    1) deadkey ("compose") support ala Solaris, 

This is almost precisely related to a "standardized" core xterm/cxterm... outside of
the code page support that exists for VTs.  The UNIX standard environment is 
pretty much dependent on that face of a system.

    2) noting the standard X fonts (like the API) for languages

    3) determining widget support standards ala Motif/gtk.
    4) determining WP/editor support standards ala Motif/gtk.

I'll attempt to look into gtk, myself, and see what may be needed.

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