XML-based configurations

Davide Bolcioni davide.bolcioni at 3di.it
Thu Nov 26 00:29:02 PST 1998

Thomas Tanner wrote:
> Aaron wrote:
> >
[snip good reasons for XML]
>  I agree with you that a standard configuration file format is a good thing,
>  but I'd rather suggest to use the GNUstep/OPENSTEP property list format.
>  It's extremely easy to understand and can be read and modified
>  using the very simple and small libproplist (libproplist is part of
> WindowMaker)
>  XML is IMHO too much overhead for configuration files.
>  Another solution could be to specify a configuration file access API,
>  which could read/write in XML/libproplist or whatever you want.

Althogh a configuration file access API would not remain simple and
small for long, I suspect, it should be a good thing. If the LSB target
is the ISV, an API might be sort of reassuring.

Davide Bolcioni
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