Form XSB, take some load off LSB.

imrana imrana at
Thu Nov 26 16:29:24 PST 1998

>1. There is more than desktop issue here, it is about linux
>and common ground in higher OS levels. Something like:
>App config, 
>desktop, and lots
>of other hl things
>(High Level
>Group or something 
>like that)
>Libs and other 
>software found
>in every distr
>(Linus and co.)

The two bottom layers are ok.
Or at least they on the right track.

However we do not even have any track at the top layer.
May be the top layer will have multiple layers in itself. (As you pointed

What I am saying is this:
Let's try to do something at least at the bottom of the top layer.

I think this would be the right place to start.

If something promising comes out, the work will spontaneously propagate to the
higher levels.

Remember the very basic reason that started this discussion:
The existance of LSB (the lower level)

If we haven't had LSB, we wouldn't have been discussing XSB.

Current situation of XSB is very similar to this. If we go forward with one
more step , we will surely have more clear ideas about the higher levels.  

Let's go step by step.


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