Form XSB, take some load off LSB.

Daniel Quinlan quinlan at
Thu Nov 26 09:37:54 PST 1998

BadlandZ <rob at> writes:

> I don't think that now is the time for the LSB to take on making X
> window managers more compatible.  But, I do think that getting X window
> managers more compatible (API/config files) is something that should
> start ASAP.  Therefore, why not approach GNOME, KDE, WindowMaker,
> AfterStep, Enlightenment, etc... and try to organize a "XSB" site,
> mailing lists, and get a dialog going between the people who will
> actually have to do the coding to make their code compliant?

I have already approached a few people ... we'll see where it goes.

I don't think we need to worry too much about the organization.  If
such a project comes to exist, we could easily call it a project in
development for LSB 2.0 or something like that, make it on add-on
standard, etc.  What matters most is that people code against the

Therefore, I'm totally convinced that this needs to be done by the
people writing the code, not us.  The sub-committee would might be
formed would need to come from their (KDE, GNOME, etc.) ranks, not
ours.  I'll try to see what I/we can do to help.

- Dan

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