Desktop normalizationy (fwd)

Mats Loman lom at
Thu Nov 26 16:20:44 PST 1998

On Tue, 24 Nov 1998, Greg S. Hayes wrote:

> If the lsb committies decide to add standards like desktop enviroments
> to linux we should probably create several levels of lsb compliance. One
> for the basics (the minimal linux) and others extending from there. If
> we don't do this we could rule out some linux machines from being
> considered linux (like the cli only web/file servers running on 486s
> around my house:) We should also be VERY VERY carefull that we don't end
> up favoring one desktop over another... all kinds of hell would break
> loose :) 
> Greg Hayes
I agree that even trying to standardize the look and feel for a linux
dekstop is a bad idea. I would like to see a standard that defines some
basic ways for software to communicate. Examples:
- Drag & Drop ... What kind of protocol should be used ( KDE and gnome has
                  different ofcourse!)

- How to access mimetypes 
- How to install and read application definitions ( kdelnk files etc.) 
- How to install an application in a menu. 
- Protocoll for communication between panel and applets. 
- Perhaps some kind of OLE/COM alike standard.

I think its good to try to standardize the interfaces not the
implementations / look and feel.

//Mats Loman

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