RFC: Fonts

Ben De Rydt ben.de.rydt at pandora.be
Thu Dec 2 06:01:32 PST 1999

[ I recently tried to run X with only TTF-fonts enabled,
  wich means there was no: Adobe-Helvetica, Adobe-Times,
  Adobe-Courier nor -fixed-, etc...
  Almost every X-app broke, e.g. Acrobat Reader, Gnome-apps
  .... These apps are definitly broken, but as far as I see
  there's no easy way out, because there is not a single font
  garantueed to be available. Hence:

The following font-aliases MUST be available and be valid
(i.e. point to an existing font):

- "fixed": a monospaced font
- "variable": a proportional font

[ If the requested font is not available, an app should
  be able to fall back to "fixed" or "variable". 

The following font-families SHOULD be available:
- Helvetica
- Times
- Courier

[ This proposal might as well be nonsense, but if it were, 
  could somebody please enlighten me :-) ]

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