java and linux

Seb seb_chatal at
Fri Dec 3 06:29:48 PST 1999

I don't know if anyone else has experienced this problem.

When I run java applets (not java script) on Netscape (4.6 and 4.7), they do
start correctly but start eating my memory till Netscape chokes lack of free
mem. (32MB RAM + 125MB virtual mem). When Netscape dies, all the memory is
restored (thanks Linux ;^).

Because the applets eat up all the available memory, there is a HUGE
performance degradation on the system as well on the running applet. This
renders it impossible to run any java applet (on Netscape) under Linux.

I do not assume this problem is especially linked to Netscape. It could well be
due to java on Linux. Could it also explain why StarOffice (Linux) is so poor
in performance?

Anyone else having the same problem?


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