are you using /var/mail?

Daniel Quinlan quinlan at
Wed Jan 20 11:24:43 PST 1999

There is speculation that /var/spool/mail has remained the "real"
standard for Linux despite what FHS 2.0 says.

If you are a Linux developer/distribution/company/etc. currently using
/var/mail (as specified in FHS 2.0) instead of /var/spool/mail, please
let me know.  I think glibc 2.1 has made the change to _PATH_MAILDIR in
paths.h, but that's all I know about.

If nobody is using it, we can consider changing it back.  If not, then
we'll just specifically allow a symbolic link at /var/mail to point to
the real spool directory (or something like that).

- Dan

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