system calls, like uname

Robert W. Current rob at
Thu Jul 15 10:57:24 PDT 1999

Aaron Gaudio wrote:
> If you didn't think it belonged in the kernel why'd
> you say to add it as a system call?

Well, I am reluctant to classify it due to the fact that it doesn't even
exist yet.

The usefulness of it I don't question, I think it would ba a very handy

The _need_ for it, I am inclined to believe is legitimate.

Who could develop it, implement it, and choose at what level (if any) it
should be a part of, frankly, I don't know at all.

I'll be happy to pop it over to a question on the kernel development
lists or something, if that's clearly where it belongs.  But my first
gut feeling was that it would be a user land application at first. 
Then, after fully developed should be considered first by standards
committees for acceptance as a _need_.

Regardless, I would be happy enough if the application just existed so
that enhancements of things that called it could begin to progress (the
stuff way deep into user land like KDE, Gnome, and then stuff like gcc,
egcs, pgcc, pre-compile-time configuration scripts, etc.)
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