Commands and Utilities Proposal, 0.2

Jakob 'sparky' Kaivo jkaivo at
Tue Nov 23 11:55:19 PST 1999

(trimmed lsb-spec)

Daniel Quinlan <quinlan at> writes:

> Jakob 'sparky' Kaivo <jkaivo at> writes:
> > mail, mailx
> Do we really want applications relying on mail or mailx?  Isn't it
> better practice to use the local copy of /usr/sbin/sendmail?

Yes, it is better practice to use sendmail. But, there are a large
number of existing scripts and programs that rely on /bin/mail (and a
good number of those rely on /bin/mail acting like mailx). We need to
accomodate those. Also, UNIX98 mandates mailx and their is no real
compelling reason not to.

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