how to find out which distribution is runnig (/etc/LINUX -release?)

Christopher Yeoh cyeoh at
Sat Aug 12 07:22:32 PDT 2000

Hi George,

> >At the last LSB meeting it was decided that this and other information
> >would be available through an extension to uname.
> There are no minutes from the June LSB meeting, so I was unaware that w
> have changed direction. :-) Dominique Massonie

I think Dan has a copy of the notes taken during the meeting. I have
some for some of the sessions, but not for the one where we discussed
the distribution/lsb version and identification.

> (mdomi at has written the "lsb_release" script per Task
> 16692.
> (See attached file: lsb_release)
> Dominique was preparing to write the man page and I was going to CVS check
> it in.   Do we (the LSB) want to proceed with the new June workgroup
> decision or stay with the May discussion thread?  :-)

I don't think it makes much difference either way (and given that one
has actually been implemented now it may just be easier to go that
way) but IIRC the uname solution was seen as more traditionally unix.
This is how SCO uses the keyword feature of uname:


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