Comments on GNOME Foundation?

Shaya Potter spotter at
Mon Aug 21 13:13:41 PDT 2000

In my humble opinion (and with the disclaimer that I work for IBM now on
linux, and have friends at helix), I think it's outside the scope.  We
said the entire time that the LSB is about getting BINARIES running on
the different linux distributions.  Namely ISV produced software.  They
are not ignoring it, as in reality it could make their life much easier.
Currently helix  has to make a version of helix-gnome for each platform
they want it to work on. If they could just make it for the "lsb" platform
it could make their life easier.  So, the gnome foundation is fairly
orthogonal to the LSB.  If someone wants to write a gnome app that runs on
mutliple distributions they have to rely on something like "helix-gnome"
aka a standard release AND the lsb.  Samething similiar would probably
have to happen with KDE in the future.

shaya potter

On Mon, 21 Aug 2000, Jeff Tranter wrote:

> I'm curious what the LSB reaction to the GNOME foundation is.
> Are they ignoring the work of the LSB and the process in
> place to promote standards? Or is this all outside the scope
> of the LSB? Would you like to see them working with
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