Comments on GNOME Foundation?

V-man venom at
Mon Aug 21 17:48:18 PDT 2000

On Mon, 21 Aug 2000, Jeff Tranter wrote:

> I'm curious what the LSB reaction to the GNOME foundation is.
> Are they ignoring the work of the LSB and the process in
> place to promote standards? Or is this all outside the scope
> of the LSB? Would you like to see them working with
> -- 

LSB works about standard.
the Unix standard at low level is X11 and stop.
then we have the grogramming widget, and then the wm and the destop

while LSB must work on the low level and the widget, about the wm
and the desktop environment is a little different.

i would dislike a future with just one dominating GNOME or KDE
or CDE. and this that i see loocks like a try to impose
a desktop environment as the standard one.
the would be nice in a commercial point of view. 

but this is badly wrong in a free software open source point of view.
because if using the standard X11 or any widget i create my own DE, then
this will have THE SAME DIGNITY of gnome and kde, and users will
be free to choice if to use it of not.
and more, if i develop my own kde application, and it is conformant to the
standard kde API, or my gnome application, conformant with gnome api, 
then this application should stay anyway under my controll, and not be
controlled by gnome core team. if gnome core team changes the API i can
decide to make a port of my application, but it is my application and

i admitt that it would be easier to develop software for just one DE, 
but the real truth is that (as i can run gnome apps under kde and
vice-versa), o good third part software will run under X11, will use a 
programming widget, but it MUST NOT be cencepted to run with
just one destop environment.

What gnome fundation tries to do is, on this point of view, legittimal
in a commercial competitive world, wrong for Linux mentality.

i am not surprised that sun could have this bad mentality, not
capturing the real meaning of open source, but to see gnome
people adopting it is juts depressing.
it is just my personal opinion but gnome fundation is depressing.
the press presented the new in the wrong way.
just the kde core team comments were a little well done and smart.
so i am suprised to find myself to see kde core team approac to be
the better one.

Luigi Genoni

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