Comments on GNOME Foundation?

agx agx at
Tue Aug 22 00:25:29 PDT 2000

Jeff Tranter wrote:
> I'm curious what the LSB reaction to the GNOME foundation is.
> Are they ignoring the work of the LSB and the process in
> place to promote standards? Or is this all outside the scope
> of the LSB? Would you like to see them working with

First i think that desktop standards will not conflict with 
LSB standards at least as them take care of LSB standards first.

Second IMHO i think that Linus, Alan and other major Linux
developers should go down in the "war field" and give their
official support to the LSB in order to
  1) forse distribution makers to be compliant
  2) forse developers to follow the standards

of course if you do not have first point (1) you cannot
have the (2)

	Antonio Gallo (agx)

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