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Francis Galiegue fg at
Tue Aug 22 03:19:11 PDT 2000

> > So why wouldn't LSB decide that Linux has *two* default graphical
> > interfaces: Gnome AND KDE?
> I think LSB should remain completely environment neutral until one
> environment overwhelmingly dominates the installed base.

Uhwell, will this ever be the case? Gnome vs. KDE flames are still very alive
nowadays and I don't see them extinguish as it goes now, especially since the
one and the other keep on coming with new features, so that X says "we beat Y"
and vice versa.

IMHO, the LSB must be involved in graphical desktop environments, would it be
only to say "we will preferably use library foo for application interaction"
and things like that. OK, I'm no graphical interface programmer at all, so
maybe I suggest something impossible, but agreeing on standards would make life
easier for both commercial apps developpers and free software developpers. They
would be guaranteed that their program would work, whatever the environment.

> It's confusing to provide two completely different standards. Hopefully, one
> day, Gnome and KDE can come together and, if not produce a single
> environment, can at least cooperate on the lower-level aspects and thus
> provide a commonality that LSB or another standards project could base their
> work on. 

Well, why not enforce this merge? :)

> Gtk+ is the dominant widget set, I'd say, and if the LSB gets into the scope
> of graphical/X11 environments, I would argue that it should include Gtk+ (and
> its dependancies) as requirements, regardless of desktop environment
> employed.

Maybe I'm gonna say something utterly stupid, but agreeing on a widget set is
not going to please anyone... Always IMVHO, standardisation should be done at a
"higher" level than that. Would it be only for DnD, but also for embeddable
components in applications. I know that DnD can be agreed on, but am very
unsure (and unknowledgeable for that matter) on embedding. It'd be nice, for
example, to be able to use Gnumeric to edit a table into a kword document...

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