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Tue Aug 22 11:08:58 PDT 2000

Doh...bad forward :)

Actually, GNOME is written in C. And the best thing to standardize would not
be binary interfaces (since both GNOME and KDE have numerous bindings in
other languages), but IDL interfaces. I know both use CORBA (how extensively
I know not), and since the IDL is language-independant (it can be compiled to
interfaces for any language for which an ORB exists), it would be the most
generic level. Of course, I still stand by what I have said previously, that
the time is not yet right for LSB to consider them for standardization.

And lo, the chronicles report that Mario Klebsch spake thusly unto the masses:
> Am Tue, 22 Aug 2000 schrieb Francis Galiegue:
> >IMHO, the LSB must be involved in graphical desktop environments, would it be
> >only to say "we will preferably use library foo for application interaction"
> >and things like that.
> You should keep in mind, that AFAIK both KDE and Gnome oth are C++
> projekts with C++ libraries. IIRC LSB is not willing to standardize
> anything about C++ libraries, since there is no standard for binary
> interfaces of C++ modules.
> 73, Mario
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