Comments on GNOME Foundation?

Jakob 'sparky' Kaivo jkaivo at
Tue Aug 22 12:11:53 PDT 2000

Mario Klebsch <mario at> writes:

> Am Tue, 22 Aug 2000 schrieb Francis Galiegue:
> >IMHO, the LSB must be involved in graphical desktop environments, would it be
> >only to say "we will preferably use library foo for application interaction"
> >and things like that.
> You should keep in mind, that AFAIK both KDE and Gnome oth are C++
> projekts with C++ libraries. IIRC LSB is not willing to standardize
> anything about C++ libraries, since there is no standard for binary
> interfaces of C++ modules.

Actually, Gnome (at least the base libraries) is written in C
precisely to avoid language dependency issues, since it is possible to
make bindings for most other languages on top of a C library. KDE uses
C++ because the underlying Qt toolkit is written in C++.

-- sparky, whose personal opinion is that none of this matters for LSB
   1.0 anyway, so we should concentrate on that and sort this out later

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