Trash system

Havoc Pennington hp at
Thu Dec 14 11:18:03 PST 2000

V man <venom at> writes:
> There are too many desktop environment outside, not just gnome kde, if we
> standardize trash, then will cde trash, xfce trash, any other DE or WM
> with a trash be complient?
> I am quite sure that many desktop will be happy to be compliant, but not
> cde, and also if ugly, is a big outsider.
> I would say, that we should focus to accolpish actual stuff before
> start also those secundary aspects.

This is very much actual stuff. If we want a venue that includes xfce,
etc. then explicitly does that. CDE is not moving
forward really, so I don't think we should consider it when creating
new standards, since there is no one to speak on CDE's behalf or
commit to implementing new CDE features. 

Anyway, if the name of gnome-kde-list is a problem, then
xdg-list at is available for this type of discussion.


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