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Sun Dec 17 08:59:00 PST 2000

One other thing I'd like to see in a standard for trash-bins is a
standard way to say "I don't like this trash conscept at all". This
would allow me to disble this whole trashing without fiddling around
with all the different Desktops(If we get more FMs/Desktops to use this
scheme). What about a file like ".NOTRASH" in a prominent(~/Trash/ ?)
place to disable this stuff at once?

Don't misunderstand me I don't think the trash concept is not bad, but i
simply don't like it. I think (Ok, try believe) that i do know what file
should be deleted. I don't mean to offend anyone who like this feature,
it's just my personal attitude.

Yet another thing to standardize is what should happen to the files in
the trash:
	- should they be deleted after an specific time?
	- Is there any limit of the size of the trash-bin? Should old file be
deleted if exceeded?
	- maybe something else

- Martin

Havoc Pennington wrote:
> V man <venom at> writes:
> > There are too many desktop environment outside, not just gnome kde, if we
> > standardize trash, then will cde trash, xfce trash, any other DE or WM
> > with a trash be complient?
> >
> > I am quite sure that many desktop will be happy to be compliant, but not
> > cde, and also if ugly, is a big outsider.
> >
> > I would say, that we should focus to accolpish actual stuff before
> > start also those secundary aspects.
> >
> This is very much actual stuff. If we want a venue that includes xfce,
> etc. then explicitly does that. CDE is not moving
> forward really, so I don't think we should consider it when creating
> new standards, since there is no one to speak on CDE's behalf or
> commit to implementing new CDE features.
> Anyway, if the name of gnome-kde-list is a problem, then
> xdg-list at is available for this type of discussion.
> Havoc

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