New Package format

Magnus Runesson Magnus.Runesson at
Wed Dec 20 07:48:57 PST 2000

George Kraft wrote:
> Currently, there is an LSB taskforce assigned to work on packaging
for LSB
> 1.0.   We have solicited expert help from the GNU/Linux distributions and
> ISVs to work in these taskforces.    Please be patient while this
> information is being revised.

The reason I asked was that we have had a lot of discussions of package
system within Cendio Systems (the company I work for) since we have
noted alot of problems with existing systems, like:
* they must be compiled on the goal platform.
* the point above makes cross platform compilation impossible
* problems creating dependencies that you need a or b to install this.
(or atleast alot of packages skip handling this.

We have also made some prototypes of new package systems. One of them is
used in a project at a customer.


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