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Mike A. Harris mharris at
Wed Dec 20 16:32:47 PST 2000

On Wed, 20 Dec 2000, Magnus Runesson wrote:

>The reason I asked was that we have had a lot of discussions of package
>system within Cendio Systems (the company I work for) since we have
>noted alot of problems with existing systems, like:
>* they must be compiled on the goal platform.

This is not true.

>* the point above makes cross platform compilation impossible

Since #1 is not true, #2 is also not true.

>* problems creating dependencies that you need a or b to install this.
>(or atleast alot of packages skip handling this.

If a package needs another package in order to work properly,
then yes, it _is_ dependant on the other package.  RPM at least
informs you of this.  If you want to force the issue, you can
easily do so by saying "I know better than you RPM, do it anyway"
and it will merrily let you do so.

I can't speak for other package managers however.  If you are
refering to RPM, I suggest you ask on rpm-list at how to
solve the above problems you forsee.  Most likely, your problems
will be answered.

Good luck,

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