Chapter 13 again ...

agx agx at
Wed Jul 19 00:36:45 PDT 2000

Evan Leibovitch wrote:
> Demand for the LSB is extremely high; its greatest threat is that the
> outside community will simply give up waiting for it. The problem is not
> one of this or that library, it's a real possibility that a substantial
> number of developers will internally declare the LSB irrelevant, simply
> target a specific distribution (likely what they see as the 'leader'), and
> hope that the others can make themselves compatible enough to run it.

This is also my same opinion. I'm reading this mailing list from about
1 years and i wonder that there aren't not so many real things usefull
that has been released. At this point i think it will be better if
all the major distro take some meeting and decide theirselves about
standards to follow.

Personally, as time pass, i'm getting bored of Linux distribution
and i'm becoming more FreeBSD oriented. Understand me, not a kernel
level but a standard level. 

For example i can just go into /usr/ports/web/webalize-2
and type make to install it from the internet
I'm really worried to do the same on a Linux distribution,
like Red Hat, for example. Each user i know do always the
same question: "when i install a package where the files
are installed ?". But just take this as a general example.

Sorry my bad english,
	Antonio Gallo (AGX)

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