Standard way to detect the Linux distro installed

Ivan Passos ivan at
Wed Jul 26 13:37:01 PDT 2000

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Simon Epsteyn wrote:
> I think this is the opposite of what LSB is trying to do.  All that LSB
> should and will provide you is the ability to see whether the system is LSB
> compliant and which version of LSB it is compliant to.

I understand that, but being able to do what you said _and_ provide 
some mechanism to know additional information about that specific 
system (such as Linux distribution name and version) are _not_ mutually 
exclusive concepts. And although it may not be useful for you, it might 
be useful for other people.

BTW, I think the approach of a text file is better than the binary 
equivalent (i.e. lsb_release). That's my opinion (and some other's 
too) anyhow. ;)

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