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Tue May 2 11:50:58 PDT 2000


At the risk of getting stoned for raising issues that have already been fought over and either decided or abandoned, I noticed a couple of items in a separate discussion about LSB and databases that I don't recall seeing addressed in the LSB spec. And I think they should be addressed.  They are:

(1) Standardizing the use and default contents of .profile, .cshrc, .bashrc, .whatever files

While I'm being frivolous, I sure would like to see the inputrc file and a few of the X configuration files standardized so that we can all count on things like the way Backspace and Delete behave in all common apps. But that's just a fanciful dream, I know....


(2) Here's one about which I know very little, so feel free to thrash me if this is already addressed:  Can we standardize on a proper POSIX thread api - one where the pid number doesn't change for different threads?  Or is there a reason we do that differently?  Or do we do it differently at all?  (As you can see, I haven't used threads...)

(3) Follow at least 10 symbolic links instead of 5. 

There is also a desire for POSIX aio and a standard API for raw io. Am I missing these parts of the spec?  (Entirely possible - I'm well known for my ability to stare right at something and not see it.)  Or are these things already standardized enough?  

...remember, only men are allowed to stone, women have to purchase false beards if they want to get in on the action....


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