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Jim Howarth jhowarth at
Tue May 2 19:28:30 PDT 2000

Speaking strictly as a user and not an admin etc... 

> (1) Standardizing the use and default contents of .profile, .cshrc,
> .bashrc, .whatever files

I say that standardizing _some_ things in these files would be wise..
Such things as a standardized prompt, putting the current path in the path
for regular users (not root).. I'm sure there would be a few other things.
You can't standardize these files too much as different distro's will
handle them differently...  

> While I'm being frivolous, I sure would like to see the inputrc file
> and a few of the X configuration files standardized so that we can all
> count on things like the way Backspace and Delete behave in all common
> apps. But that's just a fanciful dream, I know....

This would be nice...  BS and Del are  presently something that drives me
insane...  this is one of those things from dos that I miss..  the ability
to go from app to app and have the piece of mind that these two keys will
behave...  one must remember that a large amount of the "new userbase" is
coming from windows. 

The other things are beyond my talents at the moment.. ;-)  Back to


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