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Philip Rackus philipr at
Wed May 3 10:23:24 PDT 2000

While I agree with you that creating a smooth transition from Windows to Linux
is essential, I'm not certain that the LSB is the correct organization to be
driving this.

The LSB has a specific mandate - to increase compatibility between Linux
distributions.  Anything that does not contribute to this goal should be
considered outside the scope of this project (even if it is vital to the
continued success of Linux).  If the LSB attempts to take on projects outside of
the scope, then we will never complete the original goal.


Jim Howarth wrote:

> > > Such things as a standardized prompt, putting the current path
> > in the path
> > > for regular users (not root).. I'm sure there would be a few
> > other things.
> >
> > Standarized prompt? Why on earth would you want to do that? It has nothing
> > to do with app portability and users can change their prompt anyway
> > so apps can't depend on this. Standardizing htis is of absoultely
> > no value.
> I disagree...  keep in mind that Linux is no longer staying the UberGeek
> operating system of choice.. we are trying to push it into markets where
> your mom and dad will be using it.  We may succeed at this...  we may not.
> Simple little things as standardizing a prompt will make their lives easier.
> I'm not talking about incorporating bashprompt into it.. I'm talking about
> something as simple as the path, user/host and maybe time of day.
> > > This would be nice...  BS and Del are  presently something that
> > drives me
> > > insane...  this is one of those things from dos that I miss..
> > the ability
> >
> > Having standard BS/Del behavior would fit into the terminal specification
> > I think. However, we should keep in mind termios and not specify apps that
> > won't work via telnet or remote displays.
> Also keep in mind that while Linux is primarily a server platform OS, it
> _may_ not stay that way for long.  Again.. its the little things that make
> transitions from Windows to Linux easier that will make a world of
> difference. I don't want to get into an MS/Linux debate here, but MS has
> developed(Heh.. or stolen) a lot of good UI ideas that have kept them on
> top.  The new user to Linux should be able to expect a smooth transition or
> they will just run away..  not only run but will tell a few people about
> their unhappy experience along the way.  Which as any good marketing exec
> will tell you, is very bad.
> When I started with Linux almost 3 years ago the learning curve was
> staggering...  I have no clue how I got through it all...  I'm still
> learning.  My hope is that the people creating the standards will keep the
> newbies in mind.  Hell.. I had my Chiropractor asking me about Linux the
> other day... this is a guy that hardly touches a computer.
> Jim
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