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Erik Troan ewt at
Wed May 3 10:31:33 PDT 2000

On Wed, 3 May 2000, Jim Howarth wrote:

> I disagree...  keep in mind that Linux is no longer staying the UberGeek
> operating system of choice.. we are trying to push it into markets where
> your mom and dad will be using it.  We may succeed at this...  we may not.
> Simple little things as standardizing a prompt will make their lives easier.
> I'm not talking about incorporating bashprompt into it.. I'm talking about
> something as simple as the path, user/host and maybe time of day.

The LSB is trying to promote application portability, not to promote a single
distribution. Trying to standardize on things dramatically outside of this
goal will make decisions are to make, implementations slower to come, and
the standard more controversial.

Everyone things app portability is critical. Let's stick with that. If you'd
like to work on a standard promoting a single look and feel for Linux
distributions, I suggest you do that as a separate project.


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