Next LSB technical meeting: June 12-14

Daniel Quinlan quinlan at
Mon May 8 15:00:51 PDT 2000

The next LSB meeting will be held June 12-14.  It will be held in the
San Francisco Bay Area (last meeting was in NYC), probably in the
south bay area (so I would recommend flying into SJC over SFO if the
ticket pricing is similar.  SFO isn't too bad, though).

The date was chosen to include as many major contributors to the LSB
specification and test suite as possible.  (The next best date was two
weeks later and several key people could not make the later date.)

Right now, I am looking for a free meeting location that has at least
two rooms that can hold 50 and 20 people, respectively (three rooms
would be even better).  I expect approximately 40 people total and
would like separate rooms so we can break into groups.

The rough schedule is:

  June 12: vendor meetings and working groups
  June 13: LSB working groups
  June 14: LSB presentations and general meeting

The schedule for each day will probably be about 9am to 5pm, with
breaks, lunch, etc.


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