#! -- reconsideration?

Charles Seeger seeger at cise.ufl.edu
Wed May 10 11:08:20 PDT 2000

Ted, sorry to be off-topic, but ...  what MUA/MTA are you using that
took Don Cragun's name, split it, and then tacked on my domain name?

	Don.Cragun at Eng.Sun.COM -> Cragun at cise.ufl.edu, Don at cise.ufl.edu

My curiosity is too great, and it didn't identify itself in the headers.
Hopefully, it doesn't go berserk upon seeing ufl.edu addresses.  8-) 8-)

+------ Ted Baker wrote (Wed, 10-May-00, 08:03 -0400):
| For example, how about extending the syntax of the first line
| to something that is distinct from existing practices, e.g.,
| #!posix shell
| Or, pick something else, like your favorit cartoon expletive
| #*?&!#@*#!.
| Only new applications would benefit, but it would not break
| existing applications.

I think it would break backward compatibility.  My current system
doesn't know how to run a script starting with '#!posix shell'.
It results in "Command not found".

One might think of inventing something like '#! /bin/sh  #!posix shell'.
But that also fails on old systems, since the first line isn't being
interpreted by the shell, and the '#!posix shell' is passed as argv[1]
to /bin/sh.

  Charles Seeger <seeger at cise.ufl.edu>

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