#! -- reconsideration?

Stephen Schwarm sschwarm at emc.com
Wed May 10 12:48:05 PDT 2000

How about:

That way one could still pass arguments so if one wanted an interpreter

#!posix_shell -c tcl

and the "correct" path would be used to find tcl


Ted Baker wrote:
> I've seen good reasons quoted against all proposed solutions, but
> the problem remains that to write portable application software
> systems using shell scripts a person needs a portable way to
> invoke the portable (i.e., POSIX) shell.
> I realize there is principled opposition to inventing new
> solutions, if agreement cannot be reached on standardizing one of
> the existing practices, perhaps a new solution should be
> considered.
> For example, how about extending the syntax of the first line
> to something that is distinct from existing practices, e.g.,
> #!posix shell
> Or, pick something else, like your favorit cartoon expletive
> #*?&!#@*#!.
> Only new applications would benefit, but it would not break
> existing applications.
> --Ted

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