PROPOSAL: licensing guidelines

Daniel Quinlan quinlan at
Wed May 17 13:00:30 PDT 2000

Maurizio De Cecco <maurizio at> writes:

> My point is: suppose i implement a system where *all* the libraries
> are GPL, and not LGPL, would that implementation be non standard
> compliant *because* of the licence ?

Well, let's say there is a LSB definition for "libfoo".  Someone writes
a non-free non-GPL commercial proprietary application and dynamically
links it against the LGPL implementation of libfoo.  If someone else
then implements a GPL version of libfoo, it would not imply that the
application is now violating the GPL because it was originally linked
against the LGPL version.

My question is: if you (as a system administrator or user) installed the
application on a system that used the GPL version of libfoo instead of
the LGPL version, would you be violating the GPL?

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