PROPOSAL: licensing guidelines

Daniel Quinlan quinlan at
Wed May 17 13:03:35 PDT 2000

>>> Who is going to explain this to Mr. Stallman ?

>> I think he already understands.  For libraries that must achieve
>> extremely wide deployment, and for which the GPL is too restrictive,
>> he has devised the LGPL.

Shaya Potter <spotter at> writes:
> Actually I think he doesn't look at it this same wasy was you.  The LGPL
> (in his view) is when their's already good "closed" versions of that
> library, so that if you'd GPL the library no one would use it b/c of the
> "viral" nature, since they have alternatives.  The GPL should be used in
> all other cases.
> see

It's a free country, we can have our own view.  If it allows us to
meet our goals more easily, we should have our own view.


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