Version & Distribution identification

Christopher Yeoh cyeoh at
Tue May 23 01:22:27 PDT 2000

Here's the LSB version and distribution identification proposal
rewritten from using a file into a command that takes standard options
(makes it easier to handle translations).

There will be a program called lsb_release in /bin and it will accept
the following arguments:

-v, --version
   Display version of LSB against which distribution is compliant. This
   would be a numerical value (ie containing only digit and '.' characters,
   eg 1.0, or 2.0.1 etc)

-i, --id
   Display string id of distributor. This is a single word containing
   only alphanumeric characters (eg RedHat, Debian, Caldera, Corel).
-d, --description
   Diplay single line text description of distribution (and could change
   depending on the locale settings). 

-r, --release 
   Display release number of distribution. This would be a numerical

-a, --all
   Display all of the above information

Is it necessary to also specify a C library api for the above?

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