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Anthony Towns aj at
Tue May 23 06:55:54 PDT 2000

On Tue, May 23, 2000 at 06:22:27PM +1000, Christopher Yeoh wrote:
> Here's the LSB version and distribution identification proposal
> rewritten from using a file into a command that takes standard options
> (makes it easier to handle translations).


> -v, --version
> -i, --id
> -r, --release 

None of these need translations, obviously. Right?

> -d, --description
>    Diplay single line text description of distribution (and could change
>    depending on the locale settings). 

And this is useful for whom, exactly? Surely the person using the machine
either already knows they're using Debian and why they're using it, and
whatever else that means, or, if not, then they don't care and don't
need third party applications (which is what the LSB is for afterall)
to tell them about it.

> Is it necessary to also specify a C library api for the above?

Adding a binary in /bin bloats the root partition needlessly (we're
talking at least, what, 3k these days for nop.c?), pollutes a namespace
it doesn't need to, and is generally just nuts.

Yow. KIS, S.

aj, who personally doesn't see why people who care about distribution
    specific issues can't use distribution specific ways of determining
    which specific distribution they're being installed on, but hey...

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