Version & Distribution identification

Dan Kegel dank at
Tue May 23 07:53:53 PDT 2000

Christopher Yeoh wrote:
> -v, --version
>    Display version of LSB against which distribution is compliant. This
>    would be a numerical value (ie containing only digit and '.' characters,
>    eg 1.0, or 2.0.1 etc)

For the benefit of programs that just want to see if they can run,
you might want an option to check whether a version of LSB
is supported.  (This probably means defining how to compare two versions 
to see if one is later than the other.  Does the LSB already do that?)
  -c, --compare-version xxxx
would print "Supported" and return zero status if xxxx was earlier than
the version that -v returns, and would print "Not supported" if xxxx
was later than the version that -v returns.

- Dan

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