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Nicholas Petreley nicholas at
Mon Oct 23 16:13:02 PDT 2000

* Bodo Bauer (bb at [001023 16:04]:
> Eric S. Raymond (esr at wrote:
> > Nicholas Petreley <nicholas at>:
> > > Instead, we should define an installation protocol that
> > > looks for programs and libraries within the filesystem
> > > itself in order to detect if dependencies are met.
> > 
> > Nick, I think this is a case where the search for perfection is far less
> > important that getting a solution in place that does 90% of the job and
> > can evolve to do 100%.
> I (as an ex Zenguin guy...:) agree with Eric. We have RPM and it works well 
> in most of the cases. A 100% solution is too much of a dream to become 
> reality any time soon. And quite frankly I don't know if I'd like to 
> have one and only one package format. Competition is good and it drives
> technology (see Gnome/KDE... :).

Huh?  One of my main points was that a protocol approach
allows you to use any package format.  

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