ANNOUNCEMENT: /bin/lsb_release V1.3

George Kraft/Austin/IBM gk4 at
Mon Oct 30 07:40:21 PST 2000

The Linux Standard Base has just released V1.3 of /bin/lsb_release.   This
utility prints  certain  LSB (Linux Standard Base) and Distribution
information that cannot otherwise be consistently derived from uname(1) or
the system.

-v) Display version of LSB against  which  distribution is compliant.
-i) Display string id of distributor.
-d) Display  single  line text description of distribution.
-r) Display release number of distribution.
-c) Display codename according to distribution release.
-a) Display all of the above information.
-s) Display  all of the above information in short output format.

The source, RPM packages, and DEB packages can be downloaded from:

Bug reports can be filed at:

We would like to ask the GNU/Linux distributions to review, comment, and
consider including this utility in their distributions.


George Kraft IV
gk4 at
512-838-2688; t/l 678-2688
IBM Linux Technology Center
FSG's Linux Standard Base

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