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Very much so:

Nigeria Letter Email Fraud
From: World Entertainment News Network
Apr 15, 2002

16 Americans were conned out of thousands of dollars (pounds) when they fell
victim to an elaborate plot that pinged millions of e-mail inboxes: Nigerian
letter fraud. The unfortunate emailers reported a loss of $345,000
(£246,428), of which two lost $78,000 (£55,714) and $74,000 (£52,857).

The Nigerian letter fraud has existed for over 20 years (begs80s) and in the
online version of the con, people claiming to be from the "Government of
Nigeria" request use of the recipient's bank account to deposit millions of
dollars in money.

The "dignitaries" explain that the funds have been misappropriated by the
Nigerian government, often as over-invoiced contracts and remain
untraceable. They promise recipients can keep about 10 per cent of the cash
for their trouble. The con artists then make electronic withdrawals to clean
out a victim's savings.

(c) 2002 World Entertainment News Network 

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As a Fellow South African, 
This piece have SO many errors in it, that it 
MUST be a scam.

Something like the Nigerian 401 (?) SCMAs ??


On Wed, Apr 17, 2002 at 12:49:07PM -0700, akakh albert wrote:
> Dear sir
>  Though I know that a transaction of this magnitude
> will make any one  apprehensive and worried, but I
> am assuring you that everything will be well at the
> end of the day. We have decided to contact you due to
> the urgency of this transaction.
> Let me start by introducing myself properly to you.I
> am Mr. ALBERT auditor  with Ned Bank,
> Johannesburg, South Africa .
> A Foreigner a french, Late Engr.Jean claude Pierre
> (Snr) a merchant with The Federal Government of 
> South Africa, Formerly 
> working in Witwatersrand
> Johannesbourg Gold Mine, Johannesburg South Africa
> until his death months ago in Kenya Air Bus (A310 -
> 304)Flight KQ431, He banked with us at Ned Bank,
> Johannesbourg and had a closing balance as at the
> end of September, 2000 worth $33,800.000.00 (Thirty
> Three Million eight hundred United State Dollars),
> (this is aside the accrued interest so far from that
> date) the bank now expects his next of kin as
> beneficiary. Valuable efforts are being made by the
> Bank  to get in touch with any of the Claude's Family
> or Relatives but to no success.
> It is because of the perceived possibility of not
> being able to locate any of Late Engr. Jean Claude Pierre(Snr.)'s next 
> of kin (He had no wife or children that is known to us). The 
> Management under the influence of our Chairman and Members of the 
> Board of Directors, that arrangement has been made for the
> fund to be decleared "Unclaimed" and subsequentlly be
> donated to the trust fund for arms and ammunition to
> further enhance the course of War in Africa and the
> World in General.
> In order to avert this negative development, some of
> my trusted colleagues and I now seek your permission
> to have you stand as next of kin to the late Engr.
> Jean Claude Pierre (Snr.) so that the fund will be
> released and paid into your Account as the beneficiary
> next of kin.
> All documents and proves to enable you get this fund
> will be carefully worked out. We have secured from
> the probate registry, an order of Mandamus to locate
> any of the deceased's beneficiary(ies), and more so
> we are assuring you that this business is 100% Risk
> Free. Your share will be 30% of the total sum while
> the rest will be for myself and my colleagues for
> investment purposes, According to agreement between
> both parties.
> However,It might interest you to know that you can
> claim the fund in our  bank's main branch here in Johannesbourg South 
> Africa or in our corresponding bank in London.
> Should you be interested in claiming the money from
> our correspondent bank in London, we have a
> colleague in that bank who will offer you assistance
> in London and who will be willing to talk with you on
> phone as soon as possible.
> We shall arrange to change the name of beneficiary
> in your favour with our bank and also the Probate
> Registry of the Government of South Africa.
> Kindly indicate your interest to enable us make
> arrangements to get the neccessary supporting and back
> up documents that will make you eligible to claim
> the fund as his next of Kin.
> Please note that for the purposes of confidentiality,
> all further correspondences would be through my
> alternative email address:adiahuka at
> Accept my warm regards as I await your response.
> Sincerely,
> ---------------------------------
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