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Wichmann, Mats D mats.d.wichmann at intel.com
Thu Apr 18 12:45:38 PDT 2002

> 	In the current lsb-standard a library libnsl.so.1 is 
> not included but it is present in the system V ABI.

Was this a question?

> 	In this test-tool set the symbols in various libraries are taken
> and if the application is using other than these symbols then 
> appropriate
> error message is given to the user(if I am correct). How 
> different is this
> from the application appcert of solaris which does this by 
> utilizing the
> versioning information and public and private symbol information of
> libraries them-selves.

It's conceptually similar; physically, the interface and versioning
information has been captured to a database used to generate both
the relevant parts of the spec and the test tool. The reason for
the difference is that a host system is allowed to have more 
interfaces in the libraries than are included in the spec, so
testing directly against a host system's library would yield
incorrect results.  In other words, an application could use an
interface from libc that was available on the system the application
was compiled on, and still be in violation of the spec if that
interface is not in the LSB. 

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